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Alone we are merely individuals with many experiences from mountaineering, to piloting aircraft, to backpacking solo across breathtaking landscapes with not a soul nearby; together we are a team dedicated to create unforgettable experiences for our clients! Our mission is for you to have a wonderful time in the most beautiful locations this world has to offer and go home with amazing pictures and new skills. Our two photography instructors have a combined over 30 years experience behind the lens and are highly knowledgeable, both in the field as well as in the classroom.


Meet the Team

James Conomea
Photography Instructor                                              Lead Guide

Kyle Doughty                                                       Photography Instructor                                              Lead Guide



James Conomea

My journey to the path of photography started fifteen years ago in the town of Prescott, AZ, where I originally set out to become a pilot. Soaring high above the ground has given me a new perspective on familiar sights - they drew me in, stirred senses, and captivated my mind. I knew I had to instill those images to memory and share when my feet were on the ground. This time of my life made me become very fond of aerial photography.

Fast forward several years, I, now a college graduate with a degree in aeronautical science, have ended up on the East coast right next to the nation's capital with my camera attached to my side. My interest through the lens has extended to automotive photography which has greatly refined my technical skills. I have mastered the art of composition, layering, and light manipulation thanks to working with these exotic automobiles. My creative touch while utilizing programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro, as well as using these newfound techniques, made my pictures stand out dramatically. Over the next several years I've improved my photography and editing skills significantly and earned recognition among clients and fellow photographers. Simultaneously, I've been traveling around the world; I've ventured with my trusty camera through the wilderness of Siberia, Icelandic badlands, twisted streets of Amsterdam and lovely Europe, mellow beaches of the Caribbean and many other unfamiliar places. I was fascinated by the newly discovered sights and breathtaking images I brought home from these journeys. I have found myself and a life-long passion in landscape photography over the many years and have made it my mission to pass this love and skill-set on to you. I look forward to having you become an ApertureXplorer with me!

Kyle Doughty

I was bitten by the photography bug as a high school
student when I had the opportunity to take a black
and white photography class and I have been hooked ever since. Combined with my wildly adventurous spirit, I always dreamed of being a photographer for National Geographic. Alas, my life took an alternate route as I pursued a career in aviation. After becoming a pilot achieving my degree in Aeronautics, I began to reconnect with my passion for photography and adventure on a professional level.

I spent as much time as possible outdoors backpacking, climbing, and mountaineering where I was able to gain extensive experience in the Appalachians and the Cascade volcanoes. It was the perfect setting for me to dust off the camera and begin shooting my  adventures. In addition to shooting landscapes and scenery, I love shooting people doing incredible things. I like to think of myself as a storyteller and my camera is how I bring stories to life. 

 Over the years, I spent many summers leading kayak and paddle board tours through Virginia's coastal and inland waterways. During this time I realized I had a passion for showing people places and things that they would otherwise never have the opportunity to see. I love sharing the beauty of the world and the amazed reactions people give  for the hidden, yet extraordinary wonders. 

My goal is to combine my passion and experience to take clients to the uniquely beautiful parts of the world in order to show them how to take the time to slow down and learn to appreciate the art of capturing the perfect shot. 

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